Friday, August 7, 2009

Shandalar Update

Yes you can update your old 1997 PC game Shandalar. The update patch is called ManaLink 2.0 and there are close to 2000 new cards. You have to download a few files so I’ll point you to the installation guide. The forums that wrote the update can be found here.

This update includes Vanguard, Momir Basic, and type 4.

Vanguard is a like a normal duel, except both you and your opponent have one special card that gives extra abilties.

Momir Basic is a type of vanguard where your library has only land and you have a special card that reads: “X, Discard a card: Put a token of a random creature with converted mana cost X into play. Use this ability once per turn when you could play a sorcery.”

Type 4 infinite mana, also known as SPAT has special rules.
--Each player has unlimited mana available.
--Each player can only play 1 spell a turn.
--Before the game begins the deck is distributed between the 2 players.
--It is recommended that you use a singleton deck.

Both Momir Basic and type 4 can be very random but also very fun.


Xuelynom said...

Wow.... just... wow...

This is hardcore, those guys are coding new cards in asm, right ?

This is... hardcore.

I didn't know about this project, and there are some things i don't understand : do they use always shandalar as a base for the momir and other gameplays, or do they have coded another gui? I've seen references to flash, i was wondering...

Forge said...

Most of it is a mix of C and a little assembly.

"Do they use shandalar as a base for the momir and other gameplays?"

Yes the user interface is exactly the same but it has new cards.

Palmax said...

I love this plain!

The Nivekian Konsolate said...

Thank you, I was just thinking about doing this myself... now I don't have to!