Thursday, February 25, 2010

Programming Chess Wiki

I stumbled upon a very cool wiki that covers all aspects of chess AI programming. The alpha-beta webpage is better than Wikipedia's because it has actual pseudo-code that looks functional. It would be very cool to apply some of these ideas from chess to Magic.

Chess Programming Wiki


Huggybaby said...

That's a nice link. Did you see the 2 hour movie down the page?

Forge said...

Ha, no. It may have some good info but 2 hours is very long, lol.

nantuko84 said...

is it worth seeing?

Anonymous said...

This is a pretty short blog compared to the rest of your stuff.

Huggybaby said...

I should have said "Did you see the 2 hour movie halfway down the alpha-beta page?"

nantuko, yes, it's worth watching. The guys are speaking off the cuff and rather thoughtfully/carefully, so it goes kind of slow. You probably won't interest your wife/GF in watching it, so it will be a lonely two hours. But it's good.

DennisBergkamp said...

I use this video now whenever I'm having trouble sleeping... after watching the introduction for a few minutes, I'm guaranteed to instantly pass out :D