Monday, February 22, 2010

New Version

Well thanks to Dennis, Rob, Chris (the guys from the forums) there is a new version of Forge that has about 100 new cards, which raises the grand total to an astonishing 2,756 cards.

Are you tired of those crappy card scans from Now you can download high-resolution scans. From the “New Game” screen, which is the screen when you first start Forge, click on the menu option, which is named “menu”. The “Download Card HQ Pictures” option will download the new high-res pictures, while the “Download Card LQ Pictures” option will get the smaller pictures from (HQ stands for high quality and LQ stands for low quality.) One warning though, the HQ cards will require an extra 250 MB of memory and if you don’t have it the program will crash with a “stack out of memory” error.

In the same menu, you can radically change the looks of the program by clicking on the “Display Options” which lists 32 skins. Make sure to check out the “napkin” skin.

OK, down to the cards. Forge has a number of Worldwake cards such as the rare lands: Raging Ravine, Creeping Tar Pit, Stirring Wildwood, and Celestial Colonnade. Worldwake vampires include: Ruthless Cullblade, Pulse Tracker, and the rare Anowon, the Ruin Sage (3BB, 4/3) “At the beginning of your upkeep, each player sacrifices a non-Vampire creature”. Forge now includes the powerful Strip Mine which lets you sacrifice it, to destroy one of your opponent’s lands.

Green mages will love Worldwake’s Harabaz Druid (1G, 0/1) “tap: Add X mana of any one color to your mana pool, where X is the number of Allies you control”. Other Worldwake cards include: Avenger of Zendikar (5GG, 5/5) with a number of abilities and the token making Bestial Menace (3GG, sorcery). Forge now has one of the most exciting green cards ever, Doubling Season which doubles the number of tokens or counters that you receive. (This card may be a little buggy since it is so complicated.)

Other great Worldwake rares include: Basilisk Collar (1, equipment) which gives deathtouch and lifelink, Goliath Sphinx (5UU, flying 8/7), Dragonmaster Outcast which creates 5/5 dragons if you control 6 or more lands. Forge also has a bunch of other common and uncommon cards from Worldwake.

I guess I’m a timmy (inside joke) but Death’s Shadow looks fun to use. A 13/13 creature that only costs B but gets -X/-X where X is your life total, talk about living dangerously, ha.

So in conclusion, enjoy life, play Magic, and don’t spend all of your money on penny candy.

Download Forge 02-21 - (8 MB 2,756 cards) This version fixes some bugs and should run better than the 02/09 version. This is the 02/21 version because that is when it was released on the forums.

(Originally I posted the 02/09 version but then I posted an updated version since it seems to run better. Hopefully that isn't too confusing.)

All Card Pictures (70 MB) - Put these in the pics directory

Blue mages can now enjoy the bluest Magic card ever: Stifle, which can counter activated or triggered abilities.

On a side note, I didn't realize that I have been posting the Forge program without any decks included. I've included 171 decks in the current version and made the decks available as a separate download on the Google Project.


Silly Freak said...

although forge supports HQ with this release, it isn't very stable because of a memory leak that relly matters with the HQ pictures. for those that can't wait, it was only yesterday that a new version was released on the forums. it has a fix for this issue and also some new features and cards

DennisBergkamp said...

Agreed, but I guess the forums are down?

Forge said...

Well at least the forums are back up now.

Anonymous said...

Err, since when can you Stifle spells?

zacjor said...

Man I just love seeing Forge updates, I get all giddy XD

Forge said...

Stifle doesn't counter spells, oops.

ANABASIS said...

Is the option 'Import Pictures' working ?
I can't import any custom picture, no matter what source directory I choose. I can't select the type of archive to find, total files for copying remains at 0, and the Import button remains disabled.
Anyone with the same problem?

DennisBergkamp said...

Yeah, it seems we broke that feature when updating (I tested this myself as well with some new HQ Worldwake pics). Hopefully it's easily fixable..

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