Thursday, February 4, 2010


Worldwake is being released and the official Wizards spoiler is up.

Visual Spoiler

Try not to drool on the computer while feasting on all 145 cards.

(My secret ambition is to be able to quickly add new cards to Forge so that it would have the whole set before it officially went on sale. Of course my other secret ambition is to own a professional football team, so we'll see which one I fulfill first, ha.)


nantuko84 said...

lol ;)

Forge said...

When I don't have much to say, I just create a random blurb. I'm not really a humorous guy but anyone can create a funny sentence or two.

Also I stole the whole "own a football team" from Homer Simpson, the dumbest (and most popular) American. The episode was "Operation Scorpio" or something like that. Homer goes to work for a guy who is taking over the world. It was a great episode.

Anonymous said...

Rares,I have been using 1/17 version of MTG forge. Its amazing!!!

I really love the variaty of visual themes! (Raven and Twilight are my favourite)

Is there a way to make java remember the last display theme one used?

I find it iritating that I have to chose the theme each time i use MTGforge.

Anyways, just wanted to tell you. I know the team is very busy and this is a minor problem which can be left out.

Thanks. keep it up!

Forge said...

Thanks for the suggestion. The project is very rough-around-the-edges and there are probably 100 little things that could be done better.

I'm glad that you enjoyed it. Keep tapping those cards.