Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Why I haven't worked on version 2

I don't really know why I haven't worked on Forge in awhile. Maybe I've burned out programming Magic for awhile. I'm "supposed" to be working on Forge version 2.0 but I know how big version 1 is, and yes version 2 might be smaller, it still very big. On version 1, I didn't mind making mistakes because I just wanted to get it out-the-door (i.e. working). I knew that everything could have been done better and I just designed stuff on the fly.

_And_ version 1 is 95% great. Yes the AI could be better and yes it could have more cards but basically version 1 is remarkably good. The quest mode keeps me coming back for more and we, on the forums, are talking about adding a card shop. People can upload and download decks. Drafting is a blast, even if it is just a simulator and sealed deck is challenging because it makes you think in different ways. Right now Forge kicks a lot of ass and maybe version 2 could kick more ass but I don't really know.

If Forge stopped right now and was never developed any further, it would still be an awesome program that people would want to play for years. Similar to Shandalar, Forge is an enduring classic because Magic is an enduring classic.

And I feel like I've let a few people down since I haven't worked on version 2 in awhile. Sometimes it feels like programming just drains your lifeblood and you only have so much to give. Even though I enjoy programming, it is always very hard.

Failure is also hard to deal with. If you think you will fail, it is hard to get started. I just finished reading this great book and I thought the author was very good. I almost choked when I read that this was his third book and the first two books didn’t get published, ouch!

So in conclusion, enjoy Forge as-is because I have no idea when version 2 will get off the ground. This-just-in, according to my sources (sources, source code, I kill me) version 2 will be finished days before the fourth Matrix movie. :=)


Forge said...

I guess I felt like confessing. I've talked about version 2 so much I've probably deluded myself some and I'm the type of person that likes to be both theoritical and practical.

Karzon said...


E-mannen said...

aaah!. . *sob* Don't stop working on Forge 2!!

Unknown said...

Personally I can't wait for version 2. BTW: I'm having problems declaring blockers on this newest version.