Monday, March 29, 2010

New Version

Every month I get the proud opportunity to announce a new version of our beloved program Forge. The best and greatest program ever written (boy, do I have a big head). Forge now has almost 150 new cards with an astounding total of 2,846 cards.

Everyone loves new cards, me included. Forge now supports X spells so now you burn you opponent with some of fiery red's best cards, Blaze (deals X damage to target creature or player), Earthquake (deals X damage to each creature without flying and each player), and Enrage (target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn).
There are plenty of good X spells for the other colors to. Green gets Hurricane (which deals X damage to each creature with flying and each player), Windstorm (deals X damage to each creature with flying), Squall Line (deals X damage to each creature with flying and each player) and the classic Stream of Life (target player gains X life).

Black has a powerhouse of X spells such as: Mind Twist and Mind Shatter (target player discards X cards at random), Howl from Beyond (target creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn) and Swallowing Plague (deals X damage to target creature and you gain X life). Not to be outdone, blue gets a bunch of "draw X cards" like Prosperity, Braingeyser, and Stroke of Genius.

Other insane cards include the fan-favorite Isochron Scepter which lets you abuse cheap instants (2, tap: You may copy the exiled card. If you do, you may cast the copy without paying its mana cost.) Gamers who like to "win by other means" will be entranced by Helix Pinnacle which lets you win if it has 100 counters on it. (I suggest using Double Seasoning.)

There are a slew of "prevent combat damage" cards including the original green Fog, along with white's Holy Day, and black's Darkness. And in case you wanted to try out multikicker, Forge has 7 multikicker cards (use the filter option and put "multikicker" in the Card Text textbox): Lightkeeper of Emeria, Quag Vampires, Skitter of Lizards, Wolfbriar Elemental, Enclave Elite, Apex Hawks, and Gnarlid Pack (1G, 2/2 creature, Multikicker 1G, Gnarlid Pack enters the battlefield with a +1/+1 counter on it for each time it was kicked). (8 MB) - For more details about the new improvements read "changes.txt". 3/18 was the day that it was released on the forums. Uses Java and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, etc... (73 MB) - Includes most of the card and token pictures, low quality

Get Java - in case you don't have Java installed on your computer.

Get Tutorial - This is a Windows demo/tutorial in case you don't know how to play Magic: The Gathering.

To download the card pictures you have two choices: "Download Card LQ Pictures" and "Download Card HQ Pictures". LQ stands for low-quality, which is the default size for Gatherer ( and the daily Wizard articles. HQ stands for high-quality and the pictures are much bigger and therefore take longer to download.

As always a big thank-you goes to Dennis, Rob, Silly Freak, Chris. H., Zerker, slapshot5, BinarySpike, Jim and everyone else that helped. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated.


MeioLouko said...

There will be some multiplayer version?
And what is the latest version? This your site or that the CCGHQ forum?

PS: I love this program :)

DennisBergkamp said...

Both are the latest version (3/18) :)

Diego Crusius said...

such amazing work!

MeioLouko said...

Thats right.

I founded a bug on card.

Korlash, Heir to Blackblade's power and toughness are each equal to the number of Swamps you control.
1 B: Regenerate Korlash, Heir to Blackblade
Grandeur - Discard Korlash and put two Swamps from your library into play tapped.

Grandeur When activated, this shows all swamp and you can select all, this put all on the table. the card says only two.

PS: I using Google Translator, I'm Brazilian.

Forge said...

A multiplayer version of Forge is near impossible since cards do different things in multiplayer. Its a nice thought though but no dice. :)

Diego Crusius said...

I've been doing some tests and...

I think the card Infest is being treated as Pyroclasm, as it does not kill Karmic Guide - or Karmic Guide as a bug itself.

Using Jace's Howling Mine hability don't give Human a card. This occured when Computer used it.

I also had some issues involving multiple Obsidian Firehearts and multiple counters.

Siege-Gang Commander is demanding the sacrifice only on the resolution of the effect, which is wrong.

There's some practical solutions applyable to AI too, like an 'if' to check if theres something like an active Royal Assassin at the other side of the table before attacking, etc. Or just add this condition when computer check status to decide attacking or not.

Theres some simple game decisions applyable to that ui too. Imagine if Computer has double 2/3 guys and you attack with double 4/4's. Why double chump block at 8 life if he can just double block one guy, go to 4 and save a 2/3 for later?

This software has potential. Cheers.

Webmaster said...

Sun Java is one of the most flexible platform for application development Sun Java development gives the way to develop complex applicaton development.

Marco said...

Am I alone in finding the last two versions unplayable due to severe application slow down after one or two games? Everything was fine in the 02-09 version but something in the 02-21 version started hogging resources like a survivalist in a tornado!

DennisBergkamp said...


This is strange, since the last few versions are supposed to have much better performance... try using LQ images perhaps?
Or what it could be is when cards like Wonder, Brawn, Anger, ... are used, really bad slowdowns will happen, that carry over to the next games.

Anonymous said...

Hmm, would it be possible to manually garbage collect whatever is causing carryover slowdowns?

Unknown said...

Just found out about this game and am pumped to give it a try. Downloaded the newest version from your blog page.

I did:

double-click on the file "run-forge.jar"

I got this error message:

Could not find the main class: forge.Gui_NewGame. Program will exit

Any help would be appreciated, I'd love to try this out.

Silly Freak said...

i'd really like to help, you but blog comments are not the best medium for it. if you, want, head over to the forums. there are probably some solutions for exactly your problem there ;)