Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Introduction Redux

Magic is the oldest and more popular card game around that currently has around 8,000 cards. My program currently has 365 cards, which is pretty good. My initial goal was 150 cards, 30 of each color. It was a large project that was written by just me. I don’t eschew other programmers, and I’m sure I could work in a group, but I just programmed it for fun in my free time. Actually, I’m very happy with it.

It works well, so much software, especially free software, seems a little buggy, which I totally understand. Free software is written mostly by computer enthusiasts and bug stopping is usually no fun, personally I hate it. Free software also tends to have a basic user interface or none at all. My program has a simple user interface written all in Java, and it shows, but it is at least a visual interface. It automatically downloads all of the card pictures, which is a nice bonus to the user. I am really proud of the deck editor. It works nicely and is very easy to use.

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