Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Why Time Spiral Block rocks?

I really enjoyed each set: Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight. Time Spiral was the largest block yet, weighing at 400+ cards, and introduced the purple rarity much to the confusion of players everywhere. Maybe purple was too much, but the nostalgia that Time Spiral generates is too strong to resist. One throwback card, a reprinted card, in each pack, its like packaging the past. Akroma, Angel of Wrath was back, and players everywhere were rejoicing. Wizards of the Coast has admitted that Akroma is Magic’s most recognizable card. Personally I thought Serra Angel or Wrath of God would be the marquee Magic card, but no dice.

Planar Chaos and Future Sight both feature a subset of cards with cool new card frames which look really nice. I predict that these cards will continue to grow in values as players and collectors just enjoy the different look. Wizards of the Coast might even change the regular card frame because players enjoyed new visual eye candy. Planar Chaos featured alternate cards from Magic’s past like a red Akroma and a black Wrath of God, Damnation. I really enjoy the color shifted cards like Revered Dead which is a white Drudge Skeletons. It was cool.

Future Sight has card “from the future,” well a possible future. Different cards feature different possible futures. I enjoyed some card mechanics coming back like scry, my favorite, convoke, madness, morph, and convoke. Future Sight features around 50 card mechanics, many of the new mechanics are only featured on a single card, which is both good and bad. The idea was that different cards would embody different possible futures. Landcycling morphed into Slivercycling and Wizardcycling, which lets you pay a cost, discard that card, and search for a sliver or wizard. I’m sure many casual players will want these too card just because they are interesting. Mark Rosewater indicated that if players really loved a card mechanic that it would return in future card sets.

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