Friday, November 30, 2007

AI – Curve my mana

My e-mail is on the fritz. Yahoo used to be so good but I might have to change to gmail. I'll try to send everyone a copy of my program on Monday.

I was thinking about how to make the AI a little better. I thought if the computer’s land was curved out, the computer would seem a little smarter. The computer’s opening hand is all spells and the computer will draw a land for the next 5 turns. This maximizes the possibility of the computer playing a timely 1 or 2 mana spell. After a few more turns the computer draws 2 more lands.

The rest of the computer’s land is artificially moved to the bottom of the computer’s deck, so the computer will always top-deck something useful. The long game will favor the computer, but the AI is still very beatable since it just plays a random spell. Currently the computer cannot evaluate the board position or anything complicated like that.

I could have gone a step further and guaranteed that the computer would be able to play a spell for the first 6 turns of the game. I might do this later. I had a hard time sorting and alternating the computer’s land so that it would look like this: Mountain, Plains, Mountain, Plains, etc… That way the computer will always be able to play a double costed card like WW as early as turn 3 and always on turn 4.

Other ways to make the computer stronger would be to have him draw 2 cards per turn. I have rested doing this since it would break the illusion that the computer was playing by the rules, but I might test it out to see if it really helps the computer.


Forge said...

Just a few random comments.

Ghiro your e-mail isn't in your profile.

I sent my counter-notification but I didn't receive anything back.

Got an e-mail from the Firemox project (formerly Magic-Project) and he said that his project has been in copyright compliance since 1993. With that said, I'm not sure why Wizards has a problem with my program.

Anonymous said...

Please, send me the (awesome) program =)

thanks a LOT
and keep the amazing work ;)

Anonymous said...

Neat. I'd like to play with your awesome program, too.

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Please send me your awesome program... thanks!

stefanek22 (at) gmail (dot) com

Anonymous said...

send me the programme please(i've been trying to find a magic programme with ai for a long time T.T)

watashiwawatashiwa@gmail. com

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Poland.
Your MTG Forge is fantastic sparring-partner.
Of course I'd like to ask you for a new version. (yatzek71(_at_)

If i could suggest some things:
- it would be nice to choose random deck as yours and/or opponent (sometimes is hard to choose ;) )
- maybe some kind of virtual tournament? (right now I draft and play with other 7 decks - making notes on paper)
- sometimes spells and creatures target 'null' instead of me (Sorcerres Queen, Leaf Glider) - propably bug?
- of course bigger play area would be better.. but i heard it's difficult. So maybe smaller (narrower) land cards? (counting mana=difficult - maybe some digital counters)
- possibilty to view what card is actually playing AI would be gooood
(to counter or not)
- sideboard beetween games (draft)?
- on the right side picture and text window is redundant.. maybe only picture is enough? (bigger play area :) )

ok.. thats all for now... please treat this suggestion as constructive critic :)
You're doing terrific job - I play Forge more than MTGO and Half Life2 ;)

Big thank you for giving this fine app for free!
Sad to hear Wizards try to shut you down - in fact your program helps to learn,understand and buy more of their game. :)


Unknown said...

Hey send me the awsome program too

Sounds preatty nice.

I'm tyring to make an AI myself but haven't got very far at all

Many Thanks

Unknown said...

srry forgot e-mail