Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Pretty Card Pictures

You know how your friend likes to have all foil lands, well I sort of understand that now. I’ve become obsessed with the prettiest picture of each card. The default picture that Wizard’s provides for some of the old cards like Juzam Djinn and the moxes are pretty bad. They are faded and hard to read. So I fired up my old MicroProse Magic game and took screen captures of a few cards since it displays each card in a clear, large window. Now my virtual Mox Ruby looks better than its 1,000 dollar equivalent.

By default, all the lands are Unhinged, which are very pretty of course. The current pricing guide has them at $1 a piece, so MTG Forge is saving you money right off the bat. Now if I could only find a set of foil, Unhinged lands, I would be very happy.

Foil cards are nice to look at also. I know foil cards do the same thing but they look so darn cool. I used to have a foil Firebolt, until I accidentally erased it. I still have a foil Wonder that I am very proud of and you do to if MTG Forge downloaded your card pictures for you.

When choosing the card pictures that MTG downloads I tried to pick the “prettiest” version of each card. Take Counterspell for example, there are about six versions ranging from Alpha’s frilly 3 finger salute to Seventh’s edition “I can float in mid-air.” The version that MTG downloads is from Mercadian Masques. Most cards don’t have multiple card pictures to choose from but you could still track down a foil or a special rewards version. I’ve changed from being a card collector to an art dealer. Now if I could only track down a foil Serra Angel from 10th :) (I hate reminder text, don’t you?)


Unknown said...

I did away with my microprose copy years ago but if you have it I bet you could get the art of the CD directly.

Forge said...

The art files are in some custom format like wrath_of_god.big I still have the Microprose game on computer and I screen capture some of the cards because they look better.