Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hi, I just wanted to reply to everyone's comments. The e-mail was sent to Sourceforge about copyright infringement. The DMCA Notice said that the acronym "MTG" infringed upon Wizard's copyright. (That would be easy to fix.) But that the program MTG Forge also infringed upon Magic Online.

I did notice recented that the Magic-Project became Firemox. I'm not sure what they changed in order to comply. I think I could change all the card names and that would be legal but I'm not sure. The pictures were not in the program MTG Forge but maybe just linking to the pictures was illegal. I'm hoping that by changing the card names and other things that the project will be hosted at a later time on sourceforge.

A couple of months in October I had a phone interview with Wizard's. They knew about my program but it didn't seem to concern them one way or another. They didn't comment about it at all.

Currently I have a new version that I'll e-mail to anyone that is interested. My e-mail is on the top-right of the screen, so just send me something short like "Send me your awesome program" and I'll send you the new version. If anyone knows of a site that wants to host my program (I just need somewhere that people can download it), let me know. Thanks for all your comments.



moprix said...

ok, I'm blind...



- P

Unknown said...

Yeah, on my screen, only MY email is in the top right corner.



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Ghiro said...

sorry to hear of the copyright issue.

i hope you can find a hosting solution soon.

Send me your awesome program, plz


Unknown said...

"I did notice recented that the Magic-Project became Firemox. I'm not sure what they changed in order to comply."

Maybe you can contact the developpers or the project leader for information?

Judging by the screenshots on their Source Forge page, Firemox uses the "real" cards with art and everything, whereas your program only had an option to download them from the Net...

Yiğit N said...



Anonymous said...

A great program (a bit of a cheek that wizards are objecting given the original microprose version of magic the gathering is no longer avialable or usable under windows xp etc.So you've no other options to playing but MTGO.e-mail me your latest version.
Regards Harry

Forge said...

For some reason everyones comments saying "Send me your awesome program" just cracked me up and made me laugh, lol.

Anonymous said...

Sir, could you please "SEND ME YOUR AWESOME PROGRAM"? Thanks.
padreterno at gmail dot com

Anonymous said...

Please send me your program at pdezuviria@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Please, send me the (awesome) program =)

thanks a LOT
and keep the amazing work ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Forge!

Too bad that SF removed your project from their site :/

Cheers ! MTGForge is really Fun ;)

my email for next releases ;)

Thx !

Anonymous said...

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I will start with the top 17 least to greatest best because it is emo to do otherwise,
17. Darksteel Colosuss- GG
16. Phage- you must admit, winning the game is nice
15. Mind Slaver- take over your oppent... that is just cheap!
14. Illusionary Mask- try and get me!
13. Mox Diamond- good but not as good as the other Moxen.
12. Time Vault- kinda like timewalk
11. Yagamoth's Will- play cards from the grave
10. Mirshra's Workshop- alot of mana for artifacts
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1. Black Lotus- do i need a reason?
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9. Mudhole- it is great if your really scared your oppent os going to get lands back from the grave yard!
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7. Jandor's Ring- drawing cards can always be good but this card draws the line. Expensive as hell and you have to discard the card you just drew so there isn't much choice.
6. Rakalite- Pay 8 mana to prevent 1 damage. This is sure to be on every ones worst list.
5. Northstar-WAY too expensive it dosn't actually lower the cost it actually raises it and it lasts only 1 turn.
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