Friday, February 8, 2008

MTG Forge - New Version

Download MTG Forge (Updated link: Battle of Wits fixed) (In order to save your decks, make a backup of the file “all-decks2” and just overwrite the new file after you install.)

12 new cards, I did include a few Morningtide cards that I was able to program like Bitterblossom (At the beginning of your upkeep, you lose 1 life and put a 1/1 black Faerie Rogue creature token with flying into play) and Reach of Branches (makes a 2/5 token and returns to your hand when you play a Forest). Both of these cards seem very good. I doubt Indomitable Ancients (2WW, 2/10) and Prickly Boggart (1/1, Fear) will turn any heads, but they were easy to add.

I also added the granddaddy of “build a deck around me” cards. Can you guess it? What card literally cries out for a one-of-a-kind, custom deck? OK, I’ll tell you, Battle of Wits (At the beginning of your upkeep, if you have 200 or more cards in your library, you win the game). And it is going to be a challenge to build a winnable deck in MTG Forge since you only have a limited card pool.

Obviously you will want Demonic Tutor but MTG Forge doesn’t have any other cards to fetch Battle of Wits. Maybe I need to add Vampiric Tutor and Idyllic Tutor in the future. I probably should give a gold star to the first person who wins with Battle of Wits but I don’t want to look through a deck list that long. Too bad MTG Forge doesn’t let you import and export decks. (My wish list for MTG Forge is longer than my arm.)

I was able to fix a few bugs. Upkeep effects like Juzam Djinn do not trigger during your next game. Generated sealed decks no longer contain random gold cards. And now you can stop at End of Turn by selecting the menu option. Hopefully this feature will make a lot of blue mages happy :)

And by the way, I’m not always sure what features to add. Do “the people” want to be able to import and export decks? Or do you want some other feature (that hopefully I can program)? It seems like MTG Forge needs its own webpage and forums. I haven’t ever setup a real webpage (only really simple stuff) nor have I ever managed a forum. I’m open to any ideas that you may have.


Anonymous said...

A forum seems like a good idea. As I've stated before in a few of your last articles something important you should look into is safeguarding your project from unwanton legal intervention. When the Set Editor was closed down last year M.T.G apparently (or so I was told) alleged that the frames of their cards were copyrighted. You may want to add some disclaimers to your site although I'm not sure how much that's going to help. Have you finished renaming all the cards yet? I'm thinking perhaps if you opened up a forum you could have a section where users could submit original, home-made artwork and/or additional changes. What do you think?

Forge said...

I've rename all the cards except for the 12 that I just added. I presume a version of MTG Forge with all of the cards renamed would be legal. Some of the cards don't work correctly like Tithe (since it searches for a Plains, and there is no card named Plains)
You can download the renamed version, called Card Warrior, from here

MTG Forge tries to be legal, since none of Wizards card art, mana symbols, or card frames are included in the program. Although MTG Forge lets users download the card artwork much like the Firemox project.

About a website with forums, I'm just not sure where I can find a good web host for like $5 dollars a month (thats my limit).

Thanks for your comments.

Unknown said...

Sourceforge provides a space, and is linked on the CardWarrior2 page. Right now it goes to an empty directory.

Check out Magic Set Editor, and how their site and forums are done. It's all hosted on Sourceforge.

Anonymous said...

I think the next step is adding a "Declare attackers - Play instants and abilities" step. There is nothing so frustrating as having an Ashcoat Bear/Inspirit/Kiki-Jiki/Meloku/ect that you expect to block with, only to find out it just dosent work like that because theres no step to play those abilities.

Forge said...

Thanks for your comments rob. I'll check it out.

Sorry chojiro, I only have a few phases currently implemented.

Anonymous said...

there is an option to create user wishes in Issue list on google code.

DZ said...

I am a fan of forge and have been for about a year. In quest mode after i have created a new deck i will frget to selct it before playing the next round. I think you should add an option to back out of a round before the first card is played without it adding to your losses. I dnt like it when i have a perfect game going and after makinga new deck i cant use it because i forgot to change decks. hope thats clear. thanks -DZ

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