Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Quick Update

Well I'm slowly working on MTG Forge 2.0. Currently I can display a card, like Shandalar, and move it around with the mouse. The program reads in a regular card picture file and crops it. I have draw 6 layers just to display a card like that.
1.The card picture
2.Card name in white
3.Card name in black (for a shadow effect to make it easier to read)
4.Attack/Defense in white
5.Attack/Defense in black
6.The card frame itself


Nanocore said...

Awesome! Are you using python for version 2.0 like you mentioned in another post?

David Hudson said...

Hi Forge, I am thinking of working on Nate's Deckbuilder (it needs a Morningtide update), but was warned about the legal issues. If I may ask, what is the WOTC policy? Can I include data baout the cards and/or th ecard names themselves?

Anonymous said...


The Download http://www.mediafire.com/?axjuxmx800n dont work

Forge said...

Yes I'm using Pythong for 2.0.

I doubt Wizards had a problem with Nate's Deckbuilder. Having people build decks means that they will buy cards. On the other hand, I don't know how much card info and pictures you can include without Wizards noticing. Although the Magic Workstation hasn't been removed, so I say go for it. By the way I've using Nate's Deckbuilder and it has some good search functions.

And try
again, it worked for me.