Monday, February 25, 2008

Quick Update

I’m vigilantly working on MTG Forge 2.0 in Python using PyGame and PGU. I reworked how the cards are displayed. The square cards in Shandalar are adequate but not very pleasant. A reader sent me his soon-to-be-released Python version of Magic, and I liked how the cards were card-shaped. So I ripped off his idea (and a little of his code) and voila. The red number is the damage the card has received so far and the blue is the assigned combat damage. Usually the assigned combat damage is unimportant but occasionally it is needed if you want to save a creature with a bounce or giant growth effect.

There are still several key things to do. I still need to make sure the cards can’t be moved out of their zone, you can’t just put a card from your hand into play. Hook up the mouse to the user interface, I can move cards right now but nothing else. Create a stack and attack/block widget like Shandalar. The widget will have two rows, the top is the attacking cards (or card on the stack) and the bottom will show the blocking creatures (or the targets that the card has). And write another widget to show you some cards and let you select one for Demonic Tutor type effects.

Hopefully I can get this visual stuff done so I can program cards. I am not really good at drawing stuff on the screen and I have to look at the documentation 5 times before I get it. After I program 50 cards I’ll have to program a deck editor, and I am not looking forward to that. Even though the current deck editor looks simple, it took a lot of effort. I’ll probably program something like it since it is reasonably powerful and still easy to use. Then I’ll release a beta version to my adoring public :)


Nanocore said...

Excellent update, thanks. I am looking forward to an initial cut, so that I can see how this works on my n800 (Nokia's internet tablet). I have some ideas that I am working on that will hopefully compensate for the smaller real estate (sliding windows and such). I am anxious to see if I can apply these ideas as an add on to whatever GUI you push out.

Anonymous said...

Hey nanocore,

If you are running windows on your n800 and want to test out Incantus, shoot me an email (

Forge said...

Hopefully in the future (I tend to say that alot, lol) you can select which card style you want, as well as the font and card size. I want to give users a choice, but it makes the programming harder,lol.

Anonymous said...

It sounds really exciting and Im really looking forward to it.. Just like how gamers are looking forward to Starcraft 2. This game is realy enjoyable and can be played hundreds of hours without getting bored. I really like the addition and improvements u r making to the game but I think the most important changes u have to make is the AI.

I know it isnt easy as to just say make an improvement to it, but is there any way that u could rip how they code the AI for shandalar cuz the AI is quite good.

Forge said...

Thanks for comparing MTG Forge 2 to Starcraft 2 :) I'm thinking I should get a pay increase too. I'm writing as fast as I can.