Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Read This

Sometimes I might post too many articles. If you want to read about programming hybrid mana costs in Python checkout Programming Mana Cost 2 and 3.


Silly Freak said...

I check your blog daily, therefore I don't think you write too much ;)
Of course there are times when nothing's to say, especially when you're struck with something. Just give some insight regularly

Forge said...

Well I'm glad you like my blog. Obviously I don't quite post something new everyday, lol. Once or twice a week is more my style. Usually I measure how popular an article is by how many comments it generates, which isn't totally accurate. I also keep track of the page views through Google, and I'm up to about a 100 views a day, thats good for me ;)

Forge said...

"Just give some insight regularly"

That is what I'm going for. I can't top or, so I go for something different and hopefully thought provoking. My blog has inspired a few people to program their own projects, which is about as good a complement as I could get. "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"