Friday, April 11, 2008

When is MTG Forge Updated?

I occasionally get emailed this question and although the answer seems blatantly obvious to me, I’ll try to thoroughly answer the question. I release a new version of MTG Forge usually once every month or two. I try to add a few cards and fix a few bugs in each version. A reader sent me 20 or so creatures (thanks!!) so I’ll add then to the next release. I fixed the drafting code, which is currently broken. The wrong picture was downloaded for Imperious Perfect. I actually fix a ton of bugs myself since I play MTG Forge so much. When I play MTG Forge it is called testing :)

I know randomly adding new cards might seem lazy (crazy), but you have to remember that this is only a hobby after all. I’m not sure of any freeware program that has regular updates. I add cards that are interesting to me. I was thinking about adding Chameleon Colossus but I can’t do protection yet, so I wasn’t sure was it worth the effort. Sometimes I get inspired so I’ll add a card like Serra Avatar. I also tend to add high value or popular cards. When Thoughseize was getting so much publicity, it was a simple card so I added it.

Like I have said many times before, MTG Forge can only handle relatively simple cards. No cards that generate mana like Dark Ritual. No land or creature can generate more than 1 mana. A few static and triggered abilities like Glorious Anthem and Reach of Branches. MTG Forge only has around 10 cards with static and triggered abilities. And abilities that trigger on upkeep if they don’t require a target like Juzam Djinn. Counters like +1/+1 are not implemented and no protection either.

MTG Forge 2.0 should allow me to program at least twice the number of cards. Cue the cheesy background music, “Twice the cards, four times the excitement.” Yes you did read that correctly, version 2.0 will be exponentially more fun, you may never buy cardboard again, lol.


Unknown said...

Are you doing 2.0 in python?


Forge said...

Yeah, hopefully Python will give me more flexibility than Java. I have some of the user interface working, I have to "connect" it to the engine so when a card changes zone, the user interface is updated.

Belin said...

I've been playing MTG Forge for the past month or so, gotta say I'm fan. :) Pretty nice concept and well designed program!

Just wondering, is there an 'official' way to write suggestions for the game? Well, here goes an unnoficial one: How about a post summarizing known issues/future plans for MTG Forge? -poke poke-

I realise it's easier said than done, but ah well. :x I miss the priority round post-attackers pre-blockers. :(

Good luck, and my regards! :)