Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Stinky Previews

What’s that awful smell? Oh, its preview week. Yes it is that week where writers paid by Wizards preview a card from the new set and then tells the world how great it is. Now, I like previews as much as the next guy and I’m already salivating over the upcoming Iron Man movie (eat your heart out x-fans), but preview week on Wizard’s website is just pitiful.

The writer has to artificially incorporate the new card without making the whole thing seem like a commercial. The “good stuff” is left out, meaning that any new insight into the world of Magic is thrown onto the cutting room floor. After the new set of cards is released, the hot preview card seems to cool down, although Wizards did a good job predicting that Countryside Crusher and Chameleon Colossus would be big hits (at least in the casual market). Preview week maximizes the hype and minimizes the info.

Even my favorite StarCityGames writer The Ferrett succumbed to preview week and had to write about how Stonehewer Giant was so great in multiplayer Magic. Stonehewer had his 5 minutes of fame and then was never heard from again. Rest in multiplayer peace Stonehewer.

Even though I am bashing Wizards for its preview week, it is still good business. It generates interest, which is a hard commodity to buy. Personally I mildly enjoy previews. I checkout, which collects spoiler information and admire the new artwork. I am always on the lookout for what new mechanic I might have to code, so I’m glad that Beseech the Queen and hybrid mana (pay G or U or 2) have already been previewed. Much like the never ending stories in comic books, Magic will continue. (We all have memories of our favorite trading card game that got cancelled and no new sets will ever be released again, WWE, Star Trek, old Star Wars, Dot Hack, Doomsday, Dune, and many others.)

Even though this is week 1 of previews (you mean this lasts longer than just 1 week) Godhead of Awe does look pretty awesome.

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