Monday, July 28, 2008

More Magic Programs

For other Magic related program check out this forum.

The program Incantus is probably the most interesting and it has the best user interface. It lets you play against another player over the Internet and enforces all of the rules.

Download Incantus for Windows
Incantus Forum


Anonymous said...

I just want to pimp my own project here, a Magic game for the PSP (with AI and rules enforcement, Like MTG Forge).
It doesn't have the graphics of Incantus or the amount of cards that MTG Forge handles, but I started it "recently" so hopefully it will improve with time.

(no download yet, I still have lots of bugs and memory leaks to solve >.<)

Forge said...

Pimp all you want, lol

Unknown said...

Very nice, willow! I actually wanted to do the same thing - developping a MTG game for PSP, but I thought the PSP screen might be too small to play the game in a comfortable way... I see you had very nice ideas to maximise the use of the screen area, nice job.

I hope you'll release something soon, and if you need beta (alpha) testers, you can count on me and my PSP ;)

PS: I left a comment for your Player vs AI video on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Hey Yannick, thanks.
Indeed. the PSP screen is small, and I am not the best designer out there, but I guess it is still playable...hopefully.
I want to release something asap, but I've been struggling recently with awful memory problems (not me, the PSP :p)
My initial goal was to have an "almost perfect" first release, but if I can get rid of the memory problems I'll release an early version...with buggy banding, trample, first strike... oh well!

By the way, forge, have you been to Deckbot's website ? The guy's using an improved Minimax algorithm for the AI (like what's used for Chess games), and it is said to be working really well.
The best part is that the programmer only needs to code the AI once, and then, even if new cards are added, the AI "knows" how to use them, without any need for new code !