Friday, July 25, 2008

What’s your color?

If you have played Magic enough, you probably find yourself drawn to playing one color over another. My color is probably green. I love big, huge creatures as well as mana acceleration. Elvish Piper is one of my favorite cards, even though a mono-green deck isn’t usually competitive.

White is good because of Wrath of God. Black’s iconic card is Terror. Blue mages couldn’t live without Counterspell. And red paladins love Lightning Bolt and Shock.

What color are you?


Anonymous said...

I actually love artifacts :)
I've always played Red when I was playing Magic, so I guess my color is Red.
But I haven't played in years... If I were to start again I'd probably have a look at black and blue...

Unknown said...

I prefer Blue, because it is mind over matter.

Unknown said...

That's a very difficult question! Hmm, I know which color is NOT my color : green. Back when I was still playing MTG, I used to get rid of most of my green cards in exchange for other colors, and I rarely made decks including green, not counting the occasional "elf-deck-for-fun" ;)

Now, what would MY color be...? Well, I don't think I can choose only ONE color, it's just too hard, so I'm gonna go for Blue + White ;) I always loved making blue/white decks, especially library-depletion decks (I made quite a few millstone decks over the years, but my favorite blue/white deck was my Zur's Weirding deck!)

So... If I was a land, I'd be a Tundra! :)

I love red and black too, though >_< lol

DCelso said...

Blue is the best colour in magic. All win maces have him. :D
Great cards:
black: Demonic Tutor, will-O'-The-Wisp, dark ritual, Hypnotic Specter, black moon, sorcerer queen, royal assasin, netting imp, Animate Dead

blue: Force of Will, Ancestral Recall, Time Walk , Timetwister, clone, vesuvan Doppelganger, control-magic, still-artifact, unsummon (for break instants mana accelerator in summons on firsts turns like dark ritual).

white: sabanah lions

green: Whirling Dervish

red: Chain Lightning(is very laughtly).

colourless: juggernaut

In my opinion the best edition is unlimited, but magic is very playable until ice ages.
Now is too hard, too cards, too rules, too nonsense.

TonyRoomZ said...

I'm Blue... I'm a control freak :)

Silly Freak said...

I play all colors occasionally, although red a little less.

however, I think "what color are you" isn't the same as "what color do you play". that question is a little tougher, so I'll stick with what I said.

Anonymous said...

Green all the way.
Forge, you say mono green is not competitive, I disagree.
My elf-controldeck, using Staff of Domination, can win in both 1-on-1 (by turn 4) as well as multiplayer matches (by turn 3if another player plays elves as well).

Besides, the last few sets have really given elves the power to make them worthy as agressors as well.

And with the new Eventide card: Helix Pinnacle, my green elves deck can win without ever doing any damage at all!
(All hail the Priest of Titania!)

Anonymous said...

When playing in the eventide release, i had all 5 colors that all have red, green, or black.
Its hard to picka favourite color, especially since they all have their big advantages and disadvantages.
Blue has card advantage and counter power, but there aren't too many powerful blue creatures.
Black has mass removal and quite a few combos
Red has direct damage, and low costing creatures to twiddle away the opponents life total
Green has huge creatures, token generators, and mana ramp
White has powerful defenses, life gain, and some removal

I cant pick a single color as my favourite, so iplay burnt toast :)

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

I'd have to say Blue-Green. (MonoBlack and Redwhite come in tied at 2nd and then very close on their heels comes GreenBlack.). Blue Green for me started with Mikey Pustilnik's Squirrel Prison. I had my own Squirrel tokens made by a dear friend with a color printer, and too much time on his hands and a penchant for funny surprises. (He gathered photos of Squirrels off the internet and printed them out for me in card shaped sizes and sleaved them to boot. :D

The whole aggro control concept has always been dear to me. I like being able to control what hits the table or how it functions there and yet I do not want long drawn out boring games. (Call me impatient :D) Favorite Cards: Derranged Hermit, Control Magic, Regrowth (and like effects), Yavimaya Elder (most awesome fetcher), Ancestral Recall, Mulldrifter (how awesome is this card!!), Arcane Denial (one of the reasons I loved Alliances when it was out.)