Friday, July 11, 2008

What’s Your Favorite Magic Block?

My old favorite was Ravnica. The mixed-colored theme was great and it had so many playable cards. My new favorite is Shadowmoor and Eventide. With so many hybrid cards, like you can pay W or G, you have tons of useable cards.

I consider myself a limited player so I prefer sealed and draft. I am curious how the Time Spiral block plays in limited since the card pool is so large. What’s your favorite block and why?


Anonymous said...

For me it has to be the Urza block (particularly the Urza's saga set), simply because it was the first full block I played with.
(I started playing when Portal 2 was just released.)

Urza's Saga gave me some of my favorite cards, like Gaea's Cradle (my #1 land, Tolarian Accademy being a close second) and Priest of Titania, the card that is THE reason why I like playing elves so much.
Morphling, the blue creature that could rule the game all by itself and then there is my all time fave combo from Urza's Saga:
Horseshoe Crab and Hermetic Study.(The Hermetic Horshoe combo, as I always call it) If you managed to get this combo on the table and protect it, you won the game.
Seeing this combo was my motivation to try making blue decks.

So there you have it, Urza's Saga formed the way I play Magic.

rising fruition said...

I don't have a favorite block yet. Although I started playing around 5th edition, I didn't get very many cards and didn't play all that much. I thought is was a really cool game though. Still do. Even more so.
I stopped a little after Ice Age came out. Peeked back in on things around 7th edition.
Then got the bug again just as Lorwyn was coming out. I can't believe how many keyword abilities there are now! I thought it was complicated when I was playing before. But that was back in the day when the entire rule book fit inside a card box. For those who weren't playing then, that's a box for a single deck of cards! I don't think I could read the print if they printed the current rules small enough to fit. It would have to be 0.03 point font or something.
I hardly have any Morningtide and no Shadowmoor. I'm planning to play more soon, which means Shadowmoor/Eventide.
I prefer Limited. Sealed is fun. Drafting sounded intimidating until I actually did it. Now that's fun too.

Anonymous said...

I liked odyssey by the way great program.

Anonymous said...

how do you target a player in mtg forge. and i like fifth dawn.

Gando the Wandering Fool said...

I prefered Tempest Cycle over most others...Ice Age/Alliances was somewhat fun...Masq Cycle was pretty cool...Urza's was just broken...totally and completely broken. Of the newer Id have to say maybe Invasion block...lots of multicolored fun if you didnt mind some serious cheese.

Silly Freak said...

to target a player, click on his life total

don't know what my favorite block is. I started with mirrodin, and for a long time it seemed very odd to me that other sets had less artifacts. I didn't play very much during ravnica and time spiral then

Unknown said...

I was introduced to Magic during Mirrodin block, but the first block I purchased and really played was Kamigawa. I'd guess my favorite would be Time Spiral block, because of the chance to play with old-school stuff I can only read about or play in Forge.....

Forge said...

I started during Mirrodin but it was really confusing with all the artifacts. I remember getting Myr Incubator and wondering, "What I am supposed to do with this?"

Thankfully I bought the 8th Edition starter decks and those made sense to me.

zen said...

I've played since ice age, and i have to say that Urza's block is by far the best set. Broken, yes, but people were killing each other on fourth turn regularly with in the tempest block with sly, stompy, dead guy red and white weenie. Tolarian academy they say caused the blue winter... so what, necropotence was the black winter but two sets prior. And lastly, if you're gonna design magic cards, put power into each and every little arcane square of paper, fore the world has two many grizzly bears in it. The designers now pretty much tell us what to play in this tribal block: top 8's contain faeries, kithkin, and merfolk, sometimes. what is the message here? maybe it's If you don't play what they intended you to play, then you lose. we can't have people taking strategy into their own hands or anything or they might think of something too good and break the format. Every format should be broken. and that's what urza's was: broken in so many ways that an infinitum of power was balanced by infinitum. Nay i say to tribes! infuse these cardboard squares with arcane might and let the true wizards fight!