Monday, September 21, 2009

New Version

The guys on the forums have done a great job. The new version of MTG Forge has 40 new cards which brings the total up to 1,881 cards. Other new features include better error reporting which can be saved to a file and upload to the forums or e-mailed to me (mtgrares yahoo com).

The user interface has been improved and allows the player to move the zone dividers so you can customize the appearance. (You can also click on those little lines to the right of the zone and it will "tear" off.) Other new features include support for Internet proxies when downloading the card pictures from Wizards.

The full version is for people who have never installed MTG Forge. The update version doesn't include a few files that never change or the file "all-decks2" which stores all of your decks. The update version will overwrite your quest data though.

Both the full version and the update have revised quest files so there are a few more computer opponents to play against.

09/2009 MTG Forge Full Version
09/2009 MTG Forge Update

All Card Pictures (47 MB)
Picture Update (1.3 MB) - Includes only the 40 new cards pictures.


Anonymous said...

I really like the new features added to the user interface!


I Do not understand a hack about java so probably this suggestion cannot be done.

Can you have a different font colour when it is the computers turn.

"Phase : Main2 Player Computer"

I think it would be more intuitive.

Forge said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I am also looking for ways to improve MTG Forge (although programming is very boring sometimes and I try to avoid it, lol.)

Shing said...

The automatic resizing is really annoying...

Forge said...

I'll try to add an option so you can turn on and off the automatic resizing.

Silly Freak said...

the next version should support that. even better, once you have resized the game area to suit your needs, it will stay that way, even the next time you start forge

Anonymous said...

First to say, you're (still) doing a great job. I got a question though:

I downloaded your newest version (full) and unpacked it. When I doubleclick run-forge, it doesn't start like it did in earlier versions ('till now it always worked on my pc). The error says: "Could not find the main class. Program will exit."

What went wrong?


Forge said...

Sounds like a problem with the jar file but truthfully I don't know, especially since the previous versioned worked for you.

Brent Sullivan said...

With the detachable zones, could you add headings to the separate windows to make it easier to remember which is which when you detach multiple?

I like this new version. None of my friends have this program, but i think they're missing out.

I've only played Magic for about 3 months (my friends got me into it at school), but i have had the opportunity to play with so many awesome cards thanks to this program. I'm not left out of conversation where i might have been!! its EXCELLENT.

also, could you add more control to the sizing of the cards? i find it annoying that i have to change their size every time i open the program, or it might not work properly if i do it after i start a game.

Love your work!! I was planning on making a version of Magic before i found this, and this has helped me work out what i need to consider. also, it has been sidetracked due to year 12 studies... but i plan to work on it once school has finished.

thankyou :D