Monday, September 28, 2009

Zendikar Has Arrived

Wizards has officially released the full visual spoiler for Zendikar. Today, I thought I would just talk about cards from Zendikar which could be added to MTG Forge. (I have tried to make MTG Forge as flexible as possible but it only supports less complicated cards. And sorry about the weird formatting below, it was the best that I could do.)

Bold Defense looks like it could be added. Basically it only pumps up you creatures for +1/+1 or +2/+2 with first strike if certain conditions are met. MTG Forge supports kicker, so that isn’t a problem either.

Caravan Hurda is a simple creature with lifelink and Cliff Threader has mountainwalk. MTG Forge can easily add these cards just by adding them to the text file “cards.txt”.

Conqueror’s Pledge is just a big sorcery that makes a ton of tokens. It also has a kicker of 6 which is huge but it also creates twelve 1/1 tokens if kicked.

Day of Judgment is just a renamed Wrath of God and Felidar Sovereign has vigilance, lifelink and the ability to win the game if you have 40 or more life, which is a more expensive but improved Test of Endurance which required 50 life.

Windborne Charge is going to be a great finisher for sealed deck and drafts. If you have two generic 2/2s, you can transform them both into flying 4/4’s which usually results in a win for you.

Well thats 235 words and I'm not even done talking about white, *gasp*. The truth is that I and the MTG Forge team will try to add as many Zendikar cards as possible.


DennisBergkamp said...

True, I've added quite a few Zendikar cards already :)
Chris also sent me the full list of all the "vanilla" cards that can be added through cards.txt exclusively.

Forge said...

Sounds great.

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