Friday, September 4, 2009

Visitor Statistics

I'm just going to throw out some random statistics about this blog. Hits vary from 220 to 300 hits a day, which I think it amazing. I remember when I was getting 3 hits a day, ha.

Operating Systems
87% Windows
9% Macintosh
3% Linux

I was a little surprised to see that Mac's beat out Linux 3 to 1. I'm just happy that MTG Forge works on Mac and Linux since I did zero testing on them.

And most people return again 56% of the time which I consider very good since Google's Analytic reporting isn't 100% accurate since it probably uses cookies.


Mad J said...

Keep up the good work. And the ppl will keep coming. Greetz Mad J

010101 said...

I use MTG Forge under linux, and it runs like a champ. I just created a simple bash script to run it, and made a shortcut to the script on my desktop. Awesome.

Kevin said...

Huge win for java using the jvm and being cross-platform! It works great on my mac.

Jelani Harris said...

Hey man, I do enjoy what you're writing even though I don't really interact here in your comments section more often.

I'm an RSS reader so I probably don't show up in your stats.

I just wanted to let you know that I do enjoy reading about the intricacies of programing MTG.

Anonymous said...

Agree 100% with Danny. Keep up the good work. I like to read your blogs and news regarding the AI and MTG :)

Forge said...

Thanks for your positive comments. I realize that this blog has limited appeal, computer programming + Magic.

Anonymous said...

MTG Forge works great under Linux! Thank you for this great game!

So, while I'm here, allow me to post some bugs/suggestions:

1) In the game, I can gain control of the Computer's Planeswalkers (with cards like Control Magic), but their abilities continue to work as if the Computer was controlling them (e.g. "causes 1 damage to an oponent" damages me, "put a 3/3 token under your control" gives the token to the Computer etc.)

2) Maybe you could tune the Computer to be careful when attacking with non-flyers if the opponent controls a Stuffy Doll? I've won quite a few games using this trick :)

3) The Computer often regenerates creatures for no reason during Main Phase 1, but can still attack with those creatures during Battle Phase.

4) Giving a creature protection from color X after an X-colored blocker has been assigned to it, but before damage is put on the stack, fails to protect the creature from damage.

5) Could you add another LAF option to the menu, for us folks running under Linux? Namely the "GTK+" LAF (class name is Even better would be to search for available LAFs when listing the Display Options - I think there is a method that does just that.

6) Maybe add an icon to the application's window? I was thinking something like a mana color icon (particularly swamp or mountain). If you're not allowed to distribute it due to copyright, you could search for it inside the pics folder, like you do for card pictures, and use the generic icon if it's not there.

Unknown said...

@Anonymous -
You should post these to the forum. But meanwhile I wanted to address #3 - Regeneration.
The computer is limited to using the regeneration ability before combat because it doesn't have the opportunity during combat. So the AI decides if regeneration might be necessary. The tapping part of regeneration only takes effect after a regen shield is used.

Forge said...

Thanks for the suggestions.