Friday, November 20, 2009

DCMA Google Notice

I just received a e-mail notification from Google, the owner's of, that one of my posts contained an illegal link. The link was obviously to MTG Forge. I presume that this blog won't be shut down but who really knows.

I'll just post updates on for awhile. This isn't a great way of doing things because MTG Forge will probably be removed from also.

(This is directed toward Wizards of the Coast. I enjoy Magic and I also understand that you own Magic and can do whatever you want to do with it. I also understand that you have been burnt by other computer programs such as Apprentice and Magic Workstation which makes money off of your work.

MTG Forge has about 2,000 cards and is a casual player's dream. Some of these cards are on your restricted list and will never be printed again like Tithe, Sapphire Mox, Timetwister and Wheel of Fortune. Other cards are out-of-print powerhouses like Flamtongue Kavu and Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker. MTG Forge has a few cards that are in Standard such as Wrath of God, planeswalkers, Lightning Bolt and a variety of creatures with a few "vanilla" abilities.

You are not loosing money when people download this program. I officially want to wave the white flag of peace and would enjoy talking to you on the phone. Anyone from a wizards e-mail address can contact me at (mtgrares yahoo com) and I will give you my phone number.)


Anonymous said...

Wrath of God is no longer in standard.

wololo said...

Are you sure it was the link to MTGForge ? Did the notice explicitely mentioned it? I saw you posting links to ebooks and stuff like that, couldn't it be the issue?

telengard said...

Hmm, makes me wonder if I should release my program w/ the new GUI. With my luck it will get some unwanted attention too.

Sorry to hear you got the notes mtgrares.


Incantus said...

Telengard - Yeah, its the catch-22 of what we do. We put all this energy into our projects, and so want other people to use and enjoy them, but they only will when we do things (like a nice UI or networking) that would also draw Wizard's attention.

Anonymous said...

that's a pretty bold move to let wizards know of your phone number. hope we dont end up losing mtg forge. =(

wololo said...

By the way I thought you had removed any copyright infringing contents from the game a while ago, did you forget something?

Forge said...

I did get a cease and desist letter about my originial site. I actually wrote "name mutator.txt" which changes all of the names and reposted my project on

The main reason that the sourceforge site was closed because the NAME of the project was MTG Forge, that is why I didn't include MTG in the new google project page.

Anonymous said...

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