Friday, November 27, 2009

Forge is the new official name

The name "MTG Forge" appears to attract Wizard's lawyers like flies to Aunt's Mays apple pie. Having the initials "mtg" seems to be the reason for the cease and desist letter about my original site. The name "Forge" sounds a little weird and empty to me but it is good enough. (And everybody by now should know that I am a firm believer in “good enough”.) The official name of this project is "Forge" and my official nickname is "mtgrares".

I tried calling myself forge but it is a little bit confusing having the same name for both a person and a project.


Anonymous said...

Cool! That's the name of our build system at work! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi I really appreciate what you are doing and your blog is a great help to me.I don't know what bothers Wizard's lawyers, but if 'Forge' sounds weird and empty to you, try with 'Mana Forge', 'Wizards Forge' or 'Battle Forge' instead.

Anonymous said...

How about mForge? What is the i to apple could be the m to us ;-)