Monday, November 23, 2009

Forge Is Not a One Man Project

Sorry for the long title but I couldn't think of a shorter one. The title is trying to say that many people have contributed to Forge. One person improved the card download and added a cool looking progress bar. Another person compiled a list of cards that could be added to "cards.txt". Someone else coded a few new cards.

This is article is also a big THANK YOU for everyone that has contributed to Forge. Forge really is a group project.

To view a complete list of people and their contributions, see the forum here. Below is a summary.

DennisBergkamp - is currently the lead developer and has the unpleasant job of making sure that everything doesn't fall apart. (Everything will fall apart, it is just a matter of when.) This is the guy that rewrote all of Forge's targeting code in order to support protection.

Rob Cashwalker - has transformed cards.txt from a simple file into keyword madness. He spearheaded the movement to add more and more "keywords" like drawing card and dealing damage to cards.txt. One of his earliest contributions was landwalk.

Thanks to and Huggybaby for providing Forge with its very own forum.

Silly Freak created the "resizable game option" which allows Forge to be resized. He also wrote the "central error code" that shows the nice reports as well as divided up Forge's files into convenient directories.

Zerker has done a great job adding the mana pool and other cards.
Nantuko84 gave me the code that shows the card pictures in play as well as added several cards and added filters to the deck editor.

Mr. Chaos was one of my first, exuberant fans that sent me more than enough error reports.

Apthaven helped to spread the word of Forge far and wide as well as posting bug reports.

Chris. H. has done a fantastic job of keeping up all of the rarities for all of the cards in Forge. He is also responsible for playtesting the quest decks and determining the difficultly of a deck. Currently the decks are only divided up into three categories: easy, medium and hard, but three more "wizard" categories are going to be added soon which should make questing more difficult.

The hard thing is that once you start listing people you inevitably leave someone out, so let me say sorry in advance.

All of these people have helped make Forge the superb program that it is today. (These people also deal with all of Forge's inherent problems that I created. Reading someone else's code is like trying to follow a complicated math problem.)

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