Monday, January 7, 2008

Back on Sourceforge

My program is back up on Sourceforge under the new name Card Warrior, I wanted the project back up on SourceForge because I think that it is good publicity. In order to completely avoid any legal problems from Wizards all the card names have been changed. Personally I like some of the new names. Also the "automatic picture download" option was removed. I don't like have 2 versions of the same project, but it happens.


Nanocore said...

I was trying to download the source, since I won't run this on Windows, and the download never opened up. It didn't say the files weren't found, but looks like it went into a recursive web page redirection and finally stopped without ever downloading the file. Has anyone else had success?

Forge said...

Yeah my Sourceforge files are down, I e-mailed them today about the problem.