Monday, January 14, 2008

Random Deck Generator

I don’t know if I’m just too lazy to build decks any more but I have become addicted to MTG Forge’s (soon to be renamed CardWarrior) “Generate Deck” option. For those of you who are unfamiliar with CardWarrior’s Generate Deck option, I will describe it for you. It randomly generates either a 60 or 40 card 2-color deck for constructed or sealed, pretty cool huh? And when I say random, I mean completely and totally random. There is no mana curve and the general strategy is to whomp your opponent with creatures. On a side note, I lied, the decks aren’t completely random, they have a minimum number of creatures in order to make them playable.

I love having the computer generate a random deck for me to use. Maybe I just love playing with a variety of cards, or maybe I enjoy playing against an opponent that might have any card is his deck, who knows? I never really got the Timmy/Johnny/Spike thing but I guess I am a Timmy since I want to experience something. Spike would find CardWarrior painfully weak, since Spikes’ love to play Pro Tournaments. Johnny would make oddball 5 color decks in order to win without attacking. And poor Timmy just loves playing for fun. Timmys also have a weakness for large creatures and typically prefer playing Forests.

So now you know the truth about CardWarrior it was written for the Timmys of the world, as well as cheapskates. Cheap isn’t a derogatory word, I’m super cheap. This is a quote from my phone interview with Wizards, “I wrote CardWarrior in order to play with expensive rares that I don’t own.” So in closing, random decks are fun to play with and against.

Ideally the generate random deck option should also be in the Deck Editor, so that you could tweak it so that it plays a little better.

If you don't know about Timmy/Johnny/Spike read this and this.


Nanocore said...

Ah yes, Timmy I would be. Just keep the functionality coming. It's great!

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, the random deck thing(aside from giving me gold cards I can't cast) makes for a fresh scenario most every time. I have to admit that you've come up with something more addictive than even solitaire!

Unknown said...

Also, the draft functionality is remarkably fun too.

Unknown said...

Yep, more addictive than solitaire.

This whole program is like a virtual Cube Draft.

Forge said...

Good, good, good. I'm glad other people like my program as much as I do. I sort of think of MTG Forge has "magic solitaire", it takes a few minutes, the game play is varied, and you can win (unlike many solitaire games).

The generate deck option for constructed games is fixed and will not give you gold cards. I need to fix the sealed option also.

Sometimes I get in the mood to draft but only when I want to play a "long" 15 minute game. (Usually of regular drafting takes 20+ minutes.) I love playing my draft deck against all 7 computer opponents. In the future you will be able to sideboard in draft, sealed and constructed.

Tim said...

Just wanted to say what a fantastic game!

When playing with the "random" decks, I thought it meant "select a deck at random from a selection of preconstructed decks" since the cards I drew seemed to complement each other!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


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