Friday, January 4, 2008

Card Rarity

I got bored so I sorted all of the cards in MTG Forge by there respective rarities so that the sealed and draft modes would play better. Currently MTG Forge has 443 cards which breaks down to approximately 194 commons, 109 uncommons, and 126 rares*. I have programmed so many rares because the just seem more fun. For comparison Lorwyn has 301 cards: 121 common, 80 uncommon, 80 rare, and 20 basic land (who really needs more land anyways?). I say to Wizards, only put basic lands in the core set!!

Obviously just classifying cards according to their printed rarity isn’t perfect but it works most of the time. A few cards to seem to be different than their printed rarity. Thanks to Planar Chaos green has a common 3/3 flyer named Giant Dustwasp that only costs 3GG. Personally I think this card is feels like an uncommon to me, but Planar Chaos was all about color swapping, hello Damnation. Library of Alexandria which is considered on par with the Power 9 posse, is officially an uncommon. And any uncommon that regularly goes for 200+ dollars is a rare in my book, lol. Control Magic (steal any creature for 2UU) is part of the original Alpha set and is printed as an uncommon, but he can swing games like only a rare can.

*On a side note when I was adding cards to the draft/sealed set, I did not include a few unfun cards like Darksteel Colossus, (who is ever going to get 11 mana?), Delirium Skeins, (which Wrath of God’s your hand by making you discard 3 cards), and Magus of the Library, (which lets you draw a card if you already have a full hand, when is that going to happen?). And if you haven’t noticed, Magus of the Library is a weak version of the far superior Library of Alexandria.

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i have some cards that i don't know how much they are worth