Thursday, January 31, 2008

Has MTG Forge improved your Magic skills?

Recently this question popped into my head and I was wondering whether it was true or not. Personally I think MTG Forge has helped me become a better player because, I just play Magic more often. Playing more Magic usually means that you will become a better player. You should get better if you actually focus on the game, instead of watching TV while playing Magic. Although I do listen to a few tunes while I’m playing.

MTG Forge has also taught me the value of knowing every single card in the format. This is something that I knew was important but very hard to do. It is practically impossible for me to experience playing with and against every card in a set.

Specifically MTG Forge has showed me the value of being aggressive. Remember the old Magic saying, “There are no wrong threats, only wrong answers.” Creatures, especially in limited, are always threatening. Early in my Magic career I used to chump block just to save a few life points, but now I am almost fearless and will let my life get as low as 3 without sweating. Granted if the computer is playing Mountains, I do start to hesitant when my life gets under 8 or so. I don’t want to be Shock-ed or Char-ed to death. This article about aggression by Quentin Martin really improved my game. A short excerpt is below.

“Limited is all about figuring out when it is correct to attack (as well as what the correct attack itself is). Many games come down to a single life point, be it an opponent who wins on 1 life, or not being able to be in a position to race because you will eventually fall short by that crucial point. Sandbagging your removal for when it is actually needed is an equally important skill, if slightly harder to evaluate. Next time you're doing a draft, sitting between the rounds, grab a friend and play a few practice games where you attack with everything all the time and save your removal for the next creature. You'll be surprised with how effective, as a base theory, it is.”

I want to say that my improved skills have helped me win against other players, but I am sort of a Magic hermit. I read it on the Internet ( and, look at the visual spoilers, and try to figure out what new and exciting cards I can add to MTG Forge. I don’t play Magic Online anymore; I cut off my Internet connection at home. And I’ve only played about 10 games of Magic in real life, they were all with 9th Edition starter decks when I was first learning. So you heard it here for the first time “Magic Hermit”, go forth and become as famous as “mana curve” and “undercosted.” Peace out.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I was just wondering if this is a legal project? Looks like a great concept.

Anonymous said...

Is downloading this file legitimate? I want to know if doing so would be infringing on copyright?

Yaca said...

Apropo real subject of article.
Yees MTGF improved my Magic skills a lot.
- a lot of games played with MTGF (time and opponent problems)certainly helps to "wrap" your head around MTG tactics.. and strategy
- strict rules & phases execution sometimes give you new look on some things ;)

Of course newbies can learn a lot more than regular players.

So I owe you a beer or two! :)
(if you ever be around Poland)

and... by the way... is this legal? ;)))

{... to have such a good aplication for free?)

Unknown said...

Yeah, this has definitely made me a better player. I have to think about the plays harder, because the computer is sometimes dumber than a human, and will block with a creature that a human probably wouldn't. For example, I have a 2/2 ground-pounder attacking, the computer will block with a 3/2 flier. A human wouldn't block just two damage, because he's going to pound me for 3 every turn.

Then of course, I have to think more carefully about attacks and blocks, because I can't undo the choices.

I went to the pre-release for Planar Chaos, and went 1-3 (won by default- opponent didn't show up). After playing MTG Forge since the summer, I went to the Morningtide pre-release. I went 2-2 (all full matches). I don't know if it was my deck build (I had a great black-red goblin thing going with Earwig Squad) or the extra play time, but I definitely felt a lot more confident about my play.

Forge said...

Well I'm glad MTG Forge has helped a few people play better. (I need to work on the computer blocking a 2/2 with a 3/2. Combat is very tricky to get right.)

About the legality of this project. The file that you can download from does not have any of the copyrighted pictures, artwork, or mana symbols that Wizards owns.

The file does contain electronic representations of the cards that Wizards sells, including the same card name. Is that illegal, I don't know.

I am working on a "totally legal" version of this project that renames all of the cards.

And maybe I can go to Poland for a free beer or two :)

Forge said...

My program MTG Forge isn't any more illegal (or legal) than Magic Workstation or FireMox Both programs are distributed without the card pictures but allow the user to download them.