Wednesday, January 2, 2008

MTG Forge Achievements

The XBox 360 started the phenomenon of achievements. In a nutshell, achievements are bonuses you get for doing specific, difficult actions in a video game. Some achievements are “do 10 one hit kills,” or “score 10,000 points in 1 minute,” things which take some effort to complete.

Hopefully in the future MTG Forge will have a variety of challenging achievements. Here are my top 10 achievements for MTG Forge. See how many you can get.

1. Destroy 6 of your opponent’s creatures with Hex.
2. Use only Relentless Rats and Swamps to win a match.
3. Play a constructed deck with 7 different lands.
4. Win 2 constructed matches with a creatureless deck. +2 if you do this while drafting.
5. Win with a green/blue deck in draft or sealed. (My favorite color combination.)
6. Get a -1/1 creature into play. (Hint: it involves 2 black cards and graveyard recursion)
7. Use Damnation in a draft or sealed game.
8. Win with a Planeswalker, use Liliana Vess for an extra challenge.
9. Destroy an enchantment, you can't use Disenchant or Naturalize. Only 2 cards in MTG Forge allow you to do this.
10.Get Sliver Legion into play. +1 if you don’t use a certain green creature. (Elvish Piper)

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