Friday, January 11, 2008

New Version

The download file's section on my SourceForge project Card Warrior don't work. I e-mailed Sourceforge about the problem.

For those of you who are interested, you can download Card Warrior below. All the card names have been changed and there are no card pictures. Although the card are the same cards, they do feel new with just a different name. And I apologize for any generic card names like "Small Warrior." It is hard to rename 400+ cards without going crazy.

Download Card Warrior

Also there is a new version of MTG Forge with a few bug fixes. The computer’s AI is a little better. Removal and creatures with haste are played during his main 1 phase, and other cards are played during the main 2 phase. If you move the mouse to the stack, the card will be displayed. Cards were sorted according to their printed rarity for sealed and draft. Java source code and a copy of my whole blog are also included. (Consider this MTG Forge the Collector's Edition.) I'm calling this version MTG Forge version 1.0 final. I need to really get started against on MTG Forge 2.0 instead of messing around with 1.0.

Download MTG Forge


Unknown said...

It would be nice if the installer didn't over-write the decks file, because the user loses his custom decks.

Forge said...

Yes sorry. If you install the new version of MTG Forge it will overwrite you old files, including your previous saved decks.

Thanks for pointing this out, I never noticed because I use random decks most of the time. I will work on this, sorry about the frustration.

If you want to save you old decks, just copy the file "all-decks2" The other file, "all-decks1" is old and I need to get rid of it.